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Keith Haviland

I attended the Dariana Spanish School for one month to improve my Spanish proficiency. It lived up to all my expectaions as a program and a city. The teachers were all excellent and had a very good understanding of all aspects of teaching and were interested in seeing the students succeed. They were very knowledgeable and were able to share stories about the country and their lives that made the classes all the more interesting. The afternoon activities were great for rounding out the cultural immersion and learning a tremendous amount about Leon and Nicaragua. Leon is a colonial city in the truest form and it hasn't become infiltrated with too many tourists, so it really allows a full Spanish immersion. I definitely enjoyed my time at DSS.


Megan Frye

I embarked on a solo two-month backpacking trip of Nicaragua with no agenda meganother than exploring a beautiful country. The one goal I did have while in Nicaragua was to improve my Spanish skills. I hadn't conversed in Spanish in several years and wanted to brush up on my everyday speaking skills before I hit the road on my own. Dariana Spanish School was my first stop in Nicaragua and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I had classes one-on-one and immediately noticed an improvement in my comfort level in the country. We spent all of our time having conversations in Spanish, specifically about Nicaragua's history and daily life in the country. After taking a week of class, I set out on an incredible adventure in the land of Lakes and Volcanos and the best part of my trip was that I was confident in conversing with people, whether out of necessity to find the right bus or hostel, or just to make pleasant conversation. It gave me a far deeper appreciation of the country. I plan to return to Nicaragua in the future, and will most certainly make another stop at Dariana Spanish School for a refresher course. I was most impressed with the school's ability to cater to beginning, intermediate and advanced students. I would recommend this school to anyone traveling to Nicaragua.


Justin Trzask

The Dariana Spanish School provided me with one of the best experiences of my life. I enrolled in a month long immersive Spanish language program. The school arranged for me to stay with a family for the duration of the program. The family was one of the highlights of trip. They were fun, engaging, I felt as though I was part of the home and made friends that I keep in contact with to this day. The city of Leon is worth seeing even if your just passing through Nicaragua. Its safe, vibrant and most of all is conducive to exploration without having to deal with a tourist atmosphere. The schools curricula was solid if not fast paced. In combination with living with a family and going out in the city I believe helped my learning process.