The Dariana Spanish School is located 3 ½ blocks West from Iglesia San Francisco. Front doors of churches in Leon all face West so stand at the front door corner of Iglesia San Francisco walk across 3½ blocks to the West street and we are on your right.

If you cannot locate Iglesia San Francisco but can find Leon Cathedral front door use these directions. Leon Cathedral is the biggest one in the whole of North, Central or South America! Go back of the Cathedral, walk across 3 blocks to the West street you will see San Francisco Church so 3½ blocks more and we are on your right, the school is aqua green with white and brown doors. You will see our sign and a Ruben Darío portrait with the name of the school on the wall.


When you get to the Nicaraguan International Airport in Managua you will have two options:

First Option

Our school SUV will be waiting for you when you get out of the airport to take you to Leon. If you arrive in Leon after the school is closed, the driver will take you to your homestay or hotel. This is the safest means of transportation. The fare is $70 dollars and you can pay it in advance via Western Union or Credit Card. The driver will be waiting at the exit door of the airport and will have a poster with the name of the school.

Second Option

When leaving the airport take a taxi (80- 150 córdobas) and ask the driver to take you to the TERMINAL DE BUSES DE LEON, the bus fare costs C$ 54.00 córdobas. When you arrive in Leon, take a taxi (20.°°córdobas) and ask the driver to take you to: "Banpro Sutiaba una y media cuadra arriba". This address is different from the instructions before but is same locacion and easier for taxi drivers.