The following activities are included in our Full Day Program and are designed to provide reinforcement for morning one on one lessons.

Visits to Museums and Cultural Sites

If you are enrolled in our full immersion program, each afternoon we will take you out of the classroom and onto the streets. Leon, with its long and rich history is full of fascinating sites. Our visits will both enrich and reinforce your language skills while, helping you understand the cultural context within which our language has developed and grows. With the array of possibilities Leon offers, we might tour the indiginous barrio of Subtiava, with its living traditions that have endured 500 years of colonialism, or visit the Rubén Darío Museum and learn about the poet from the little country of Nicaragua who changed all of Spanish literature; or tour the Ortiz Gurdian Museum with its breathtaking art collection that includes colonial masterpieces, Picassos and contemporary Nicaraguan artists; or learn about the Sandinista revolution. The list of possibilites is too long to include here, so if you have particular interests, let us know, for we have activities to match them.


Historial Videos

These consist of short classes using videos on Nicaraguan history, including ones on the Sandinista’s decade, Managua before and after the earthquake of 1972, and colonial architecture in Nicaragua.


Las Peñitas

This is the most beautiful beach of León, where after the inundation of a week´s language lessons, you can submerge yourself in the warm waters of the Pacific, absorb the silence the sunshine, walk along the coast, admire the skills of the surfers, and see an amazing sunset. You will enjoy this activity.


Mini Courses

University and school groups can also choose any of our short, one hour classes on different aspects of our national reality. Past topics have included: Education, Culture, including customs and religion. Geography, environment and disasters. History and Politics. With our cooperative relationship with the National University, we can bring in experts on any subject of interest.